Trisha Yearwood Takes off Her Wedding Ring!

COUNTRY music king Garth Brooks is fighting to save his marriage to songbird Trisha Yearwood after their relationship was rocked by a series of family scandals, insiders reveal in a blockbuster GLOBE exclusive. Find out friends' shocking story about why Trisha stopped wearing her ring - and how stunned Garth is trying to win back the love of his life.

March 27, 2008

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Jessica on Mar 29, 2008

Why would trisha do something like this? I am a little hurt for Garth. I am a huge garth fan. Why Trisha? I knew when i watched her video today. thought wow! where's her ring?

Joyce on Apr 01, 2008

I Am A Garth Brooks Fan An A Trisha
Yearwood Fan They Need To Stay Married They Belong Togther I Am Glad That Garth Brooks Is Trying To Save His Marriage Trisha Yearwood Needs To Put Her Wedding Ring Back On Her Finger She Belongs With Garth Brooks.They Are A Good Couple. If I Was Trisha Yearwood I Would Stay With Garth Brooks.Garth Brooks IS A Good Man An A Great Singer Trisha Yearwood You Need To Stay With Your Husband Garth Brooks Is A Good Man Trisha Yearwood You Don.t Need To Leave Him You Need To Stay With Him.

Joyce on Apr 03, 2008

I am a huge garth brooks fan an i think that trisha yearwood should stay with garth brooks they got married an they belong togather trisha yearwood needs to put her wedding back on.

Anonymous on Apr 06, 2008

Trisha dont give up on your marriage, Garth is a wonderful man

Leo on May 19, 2008

I love how everyone is saying Garth is a good man and are so surprised by this. Look at his first marriage and why it ended.

You all see what they want you to see not the reality, and bottom line is he cheated before. Why is it Trisha "needs to stay with her husband?" Trisha- Do what your heart tells you to do and do what is right for you. Forget what others might say....Be happy for you.

Sarah on Jun 10, 2008

I am a Garth Brooks fan and a Trisha Yearwood fan, and I feel like Trisha needs to follow her heart and figure out what to do with her life. Garth should do the same. See what happens. They are both very talented country musicians. I think if they divorce they should just be friends instead of a couple. Good Luck to both of you. And keep the music coming.

lori on Jun 22, 2008

trisha its hard to be a stepparent i know i live it but the one thing you should remember and thats the love inside your heart don't allow an ex-wife or kids destroy that . it has almost happened in my own marriage but you keep hanging on if your love is strong enough you and garth will be fine you are a great pair put the ring back on you can make this work

JP on Aug 10, 2008

I think he could win her love back and i want them to get marry
to her if trisha yearwood would
to see that i don't see why takeing her wedding ring off after what happen between Garth and his E-wife sandy. Jordan Parker

Hannah on Nov 12, 2008

Trisha yearwood just but your we ring back on. Garth brooks win her back.

M on Dec 24, 2008

i think they should try harder and not let anything get in the way. i mean they were so happy and now she taking off her ring hes trying to save the marriage. how do their kids fill. i know couple have there fights but how long hasthis been going on

cheryl on Jun 27, 2009

hats off to trisha, i too removed my wedding ring, for a year to be exact. my hubby had to earn his way back into my heart. sometimes you have to have faith and tuff love to bring a man around. i personally lost alot of respect for garth when he married trish, i am true blue to sandy. in this situation i applaud her and pray for her and garth. and yes i am happily married now for 27yrs, he loved me enough to listen and seek the changes that needed to be.

samantha on Oct 30, 2009

yeah i love both of there music.there both grath shoul have statey with his frist wife.but like jessica said why? would trisha do something like this for.garth deservies so much better.