Drunken Camilla Rehab Crisis!

THERE's trouble brewing in palace over a shocking booze rehab crisis! Prince Charles and Camilla had a screaming row that ended when the heir to the British throne stormed out in a huff. This week's GLOBE reveals why palace insiders say the royals' marriage is once again on the rocks, how a message from beyond the grave drove Camilla to drink - and why she now fears for her very life.

January 24, 2008

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JR on Jan 26, 2008

If I were the most hated woman in the world, I'd drink too!

lisa on Feb 01, 2008

karma is a mother

mrr on Feb 02, 2008

There are many reasons to hate her.She has not rigth to be happy after what she did.I pray the English people NEVER like her in any possible way

gail on Feb 14, 2008

pray tell me how Charles wakes up to that face and teeth after that beautiful radiant Diana

rah on Mar 18, 2008

If you remember the wedding day kiss on the outdoor balcony,Diana had to stretch her neck to kiss Charles,right then and there I know he didn't love her.And as far as Camilla goes,if he didn't love one, what makes her think he will remain in love with her.Most of the time sneaking around to see each other is way better than waking up with that person each am.

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2011

Camilla is a homewrecker we all know that.
and how insensitive of charles to get her near diana's sons
prince harry must be missing his mum so hard, so his bad habits.
damn camilla. she destroyed diana, her two sons, and charles.

Anonymous on Nov 21, 2012

She is cursed in the US. We have those types here and can spot them right off. Feel Bad for the Queen. And for Kate and William. But Charles has spent his card.

Mary Burns on Nov 21, 2012

I feel sad for Charles, but really he doesn't deserve it like Wills does.