First Lady Laura's Bloody Fight With Boozing Bush

GEORGE BUSH and wife Laura are headed for divorce - again - after she left claw marks on his face during a furious fight over his boozing, White House sources reveal. The president was left with a bloody three-inch gash along with a smaller cut. Our world exclusive reveals the shocking details of their explosive showdown - and what their future holds.

January 9, 2008

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K. Wright on Jan 11, 2008

She should have left the loser years ago!

barbara on Jan 11, 2008

doesn,t everyone fight yea right like you don,t do this let them be .its none of the people,s busness.its thier privat life

changed parties on Jan 17, 2008

She sould get him into AA and she should join Alonon, its their last chance.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2008

I would love to know what the big fight was about.. I bet its NOT just his drinking. Probably something to do with Condi Rice, bush baby's big crush..haha on May 07, 2008

she should have left him long before he became president-the long road is not worth it.

Jayne` on Sep 13, 2008

Do you idiots believe every thing you read in those rag magazines. Come on, grow up there are many other things in life you could be doing, like saying a prayer, for all the people in the world that do have a problem. I never will believe that they are a perfect couple, they love each other dearly. and I love the both of them.President Bush is still the PRESIDENT and he deserves all of our respect. and love. give him a break and go to Church. ask God to help you lead a better life your selves.

Halitosis on Oct 26, 2008

This is private. It is not matter for gossip.

Anonymous on Dec 04, 2008

It is aganist presidential traditions of marriages. There have been separations between couples, but not divorces. She should not divorce the president of the U.S., no matter how negative the term was!

priestofgod on Dec 24, 2008

I guess Laura is one more of many people who would like to kill this loser!