Scott Peterson Dying Of AIDS - Death Row Inmates Reveal

COWARDLY wife-and-baby-killer Scott Peterson may be dying from AIDS, prison sources fear. And the convicted murderer may have doomed two prison staffers, who were sprayed with his blood after he was slashed by another vicious monster on Death Row. GLOBE bares all the chilling details of the staffers' AIDS horror - and Peterson's showdown with Night Stalker serial killer Richard Ramirez.

November 29, 2007

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Hazel Garnett on Dec 01, 2007

If this is true, he is getting exactly what he deserves. He will die a horrible death, worse than he could have imagined when he killed his pregnant wife.

jay m on Dec 01, 2007

He got what he deserved

Anonymous on Dec 05, 2007

what goes around comes around and bites the hell out of you

Peter on Dec 05, 2007

As of now, there have been no other news giving this statement. It is unfortunate yet deserving. His crime was so vicious and showed no remorse during his whole trial. My answer, Oh well, what goes around, comes around.

Sherry on Dec 05, 2007

Ther might be some justice for Lacy's family to watch him die a long,slow & agonizing death.

sue on Dec 05, 2007

I hope Ramirez gets Scott. They killed Jeffrey Dahmer in prison, and they'll get to Scott too.

Anonymous on Dec 06, 2007

what goes around comes around hope the bastard suffers along painful death

Spenser on Dec 06, 2007

I hope it's a slow, painful death.

Anonymous on Dec 06, 2007

He is getting EXACTLY what he deserves. May he die a horrible, long, agonizing death for what he did to his wife & unborn child

Joi on Dec 06, 2007

Even living with AID's doesn't justify what you put Lacy & Conner thru Scott. Well, Merry F!*?ing Christmas Scott Santa brought you AID's this year. Hope your New Year is full of pain and lots of misery. I pray for you everyday Scott. I pray God will make you miserable the rest of your life.

BRIANNA on Dec 06, 2007


Anonymous on Dec 07, 2007

What goes around usally comes back around two fold and Scott is a perfect example of that saying...

Anonymous on Dec 09, 2007

Way to go Scott. U really know how to fuck up your life don't you. We will watch you die, a slow and painful death. In the end, there will be justice for Laci and Conner.

MAC on Dec 11, 2007

God forgives each of us for our sins. Pray that he will help Scott

Donna Y on Dec 12, 2007

If this story is true, I agree with all of you the wife and baby killer deserves to die a slow, painful death and after he dies, he'll burn in hell!!!!

LISA G on Dec 12, 2007

Well if anyone deserves AIDS it's Scott Peterson.

ADJAHDD on Dec 14, 2007

he is kinda cute.

Anonymous on Dec 16, 2007

i think scott peterson should get what he did to his wife and there unborn son conner so if these is true about him having aids then he deserves it and he will die a horrible death.

heather hay on Dec 17, 2007

that is sad because he killed laci and there unborns son connor


Anon on Dec 19, 2007

I like the cowardly part

Luke Davis on Dec 20, 2007

This guy deserves everything he gets and the public has no remorse for him.

annoyed on Dec 20, 2007

can't kill an unborn child. doesn't make sense.

Anonymous on Dec 23, 2007

Wow! Did he have aids before he was locked up or did he get it while in prison?

heather hay on Jan 11, 2008

I think he got what was coming for killing laci and connor
rote in hell

sarah on Jan 12, 2008


Sandy on Jan 18, 2008

I am so glad he is dying of aids. He doesn't deserve to live a long life on death row.

Ann Merrill on Jan 28, 2008

You slimy bastard, may your journey to Hell be long and torturous.Hopefully, it IS true that you have aids. And even that is better than you deserve!!!

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2008

He deserve this, I hope that his death is very slow and painful. He is a horrible man that doesn't deserve to live. I say the family of Laci and Conner should beat the living crap out of Scott. I just hope his death if very painful.

Stacy on Jan 31, 2008

i hope he dies of AIDS. he gets what he deserves. For killing his baby and his wife. I would just like to know y he killer her and his baby?

jason on Jan 31, 2008

good, hopefully thats not the last horrible thing that happens to him before he goes to hell!!

mike on Feb 01, 2008

You are a low life scott peterson . May you rot in prison

anonymouse on Jun 30, 2008

scott peterson you deserve every thing bad youer a bad man what go's around come's around your getting what you deserve. think about your baby and your wife and what youv done" " think about what god's going to do to you.

Neria on Jul 05, 2008

If he had Aids before he murdered his wife, thats probably why he killed her, so she wouldnt find out! That sick MoFo! They say karmas a Biznitch, you dont know how it will come back to you!

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2008

Gee thats to bad, should we feel sorry for him? NOT

Shirley on Jul 16, 2008

I hope it is true. He deserves to die a horrible death. Should have been given the injection long ago.

carrie on Jul 16, 2008

I feel sorry for him, what he did was horrible, if he didn't want his wife, he should have left her, and went on with the other woman, I can't blame her either, she was clueless in this situation, but I'm glad he went to prison, because he killed a nice woman and an innocent angel. May God be with him.

Anonymous on Jul 18, 2008

so glad he is dying. I hope he suffers and dies a slow death.

gladys on Oct 24, 2008

if its true he's getting exactly what he deserves. i still think he deserves a worse and painfu death for what he did to Laci and Conner.

marcy on Dec 11, 2008

why dont they just get it over with, death row is to good for him lights out now why waste tax payers money on an inhuman monster.

annette on Jan 11, 2009

he is a bad person and God will never forgive him for what he did to his family. thats why he has aids nowhich is good for him.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2009

he is a waist of space he is taking up air that could be used by a real humanbeing

anonymous on Jan 23, 2009

We have all sinned and God loves us unconditionally. Scott did a horrific act, but he does deserve forgiveness, just like we all do. It is up to Scott to seek that forgiveness and up to God to grant it. I pray for him, his family and Lacey's family.

Bonnie on Mar 19, 2009


Anonymous on Mar 19, 2009

man this is awful

Anonymous on Apr 07, 2009

i don't think that anyone should comment because if he says he did not do it then he didn't do it and they have no evidnece that he said he killed his wife and child while he was on the phone with the young lady

Scott's Friend on Apr 12, 2009

He is innocent and be ready for the appeal and overturn of a verdict that was based on public opinion, not facts.

Anonymous on Apr 13, 2009

Just found this article. This self centered immoral man needs 2 b taken out in a field & shot. Why waste taxpayers money on this evil man. Hope another prisioner gets 2 him first. Godd riddens!

Not one of us is "PERFECT" on Jun 21, 2009

After reading some of these comments...
We all commit "SINS" no matter how big/small...and remember GOD forgives DAVID/Children of Israel if Scott ask GOD for forgiveness and MERCY it will be given...That's how "FORGIVING" GOD is. Remember we are all "SINNERS"...coming into this world.May GOD cont'd to HEAL/RESTORE both families if they choose.....

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2009

The guy might be innocent. The flimsy evidence adduced by the prosecution wouldn't even have allowed a civil case to go to the jury. America's court system protects money more than individual freedom.

Anonymous on Sep 02, 2009

Scott peterson, you may deny the killing of your pregnant wife and unborn child, but there is only four people that know the truth, GOD U LACI AND BABY CONNOR>>>HOW DARE YOU PRETenD NOTHING ON YOUR PART WAS COMMITTED>>YOU ARE A BABY KILLER AND EVEN Baby connor know this because as u was taking his life away he was saying daddy why are you doing this to me youve never met me what have i done to you daddy..rot in hell scott

rhonda Thomas on Sep 02, 2009

Scott...why cant you just admit and tell us what u did to laci and baby connor...if u admit what u done and if your saved by GOD and if u ask GOD TO forgive you..then maybe u can sit in your cell at night and breath again..what u did was wrong and terrible but for me to condemn u for what u done is like saying im perfect and IM NOT..but scott..if we do not forgive you then how can we ask GOD to forgive ourselves when we sin..sin is sin in GOD's eyes..the bible doesn't put a number on anything..sin is sin..and GOD does not like sin...but lying and denying that u did NOT KILL HER ISN"T doing nothing but putting more sin on top of being a murderer..just tell us what u did and ask GOD to FOrgive u ONLY IF U Mean it..if u struck a nerve and got pissed off mad about something laci said or was the aNGER THAT GOT THE BEST OF YOU..BUT PLEASE STOP LYING, PLEASE MAKE THINGS RIGHT WITH GOD..AND STOP DENYING THE TRUTH..HOW LONG U GONNA LET THIS EAT AT U BEFORE U GET ENOUGH OF YOUR SOUL

sexy on Sep 30, 2009

scott did a horrible thing and playing the price for nothing,a throw away life for lacy-conner and scott all for sad

Tiffany G I on Oct 04, 2009

He needs to be punished for what he did. why don't they just give him the death penalty so he can sufer.

4sfsf on Nov 11, 2009

i hope he is he deserves it

fieri on Dec 01, 2009

he get wat he deserved.......and i hope die painful....sorry that wat u deserved...that is his baby and wife...that not rith

Kelly on May 07, 2010

And the sicko ADJAHDD, I don't know how you could even say he's kinda cute. That just makes you as sick as him. He MURDERED HIS WIFE AND UNBORN CHILD....HE IS A MONSTER. He isn't "cute" Just sick.

Anonymous on May 07, 2010

I just love the people who say he's innocent....just cracks me up. Scott's friend and those who don't leave a name. Yeah...let's just hope he gets out so he can do it again and there just won't be any justice for a pregnant young womand who was taken out of this world by the one person she loved and trusted about all others. He is guilty people!!! Wake up!!

earnhart319_icp on Jul 02, 2011

I think that this man is not guilty and you all need to leave him alone the man did not murder anyone he is already suffering from the lose of his child and wife